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Toilet Paper Service

Equip your cubicles with high quality, tamper proof toilet paper dispensers and toilet paper.

Need more information on our toilet paper service?

Service your toilet paper dispenser and toilet paper needs all in one place with Flick Anticimex's premium toilet paper service. Our toilet paper dispensers are constructed of high impact ABS material, which is also easy to clean so you can maintain a professional and hygienic appearance. Our toilet paper is also the highest quality of virgin pulp, made to be environmentally friendly yet soft. If you sign up for our toilet paper services, we provide quality installation and service for our dispensers, performed by qualified technicians who are trained in washroom servicing.

Toilet Paper Dispenser

Made of high-quality ABS construction, our full jumbo roll holder provides the option of holding an extra roll or having a single roll. The jumbo toilet rolls are protected from tampering, dirt, and dust, ensuring quality toilet tissue for your washroom users.

Features and benefits of our toilet paper dispenser:

  • Large capacity design for longer periods between maintenance services.
  • Lockable option or push-button for easy access and refill
  • Hinged cover allows for convenient and quick servicing
  • Slim-line profile (128mm width) suitable for smaller washroom and cubicles

For more information, feel free to download our double Toilet Tissue Dispenser product card or our single Toilet Tissue Dispenser product card.

We also offer dual and triple line toilet roll holders also made to withstand constant use. For more information on this, call us on 1300 65 65 31!

Environmentally Friendly and Affordable Toilet Paper

All of Flick Anticimex's paper products and toilet tissues are of high quality. We offer an affordable, environmentally-friendly range made of virgin pulp, including:

  • Jumbo Roll:
    • High capacity system holds equivalent of 7+ conventional toilet rolls, leading to less refilling and reduced risk of run-out
    • Unique reserve roll feature ensures that stub rolls are completely used, reducing wastage.
    • Part of the award-winning fully-coordinated Flick washroom dispenser range.
    • Unique reserve roll feature available which ensures that stub rolls are completely used, reducing wastage.
  • Folded:
    • Medium capacity compact system ideal for small to medium washrooms.
    • Single sheet dispensing provides portion control and reduces consumption.
    • Portion control for cost-effective service.
  • Mini Jumbo Roll:
    • High capacity with stub roils that reduces the risk of running out.
    • Great for compact areas requiring a large capacity.
    • Portion control reduces consumption and makes service more cost-effective
  • Conventional Roll:
    • Dual and triple roll holders provides immediate backup supply
    • Ideal for low to medium usage 
    • Slim design for compact spaces

For our valued and loyal customers, we also offer soft and gentle 2 ply facial tissues at either 100 or 200 sheets per box. Our premium paper products are also eligible for direct delivery to your location. 

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