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Bacterial Treatment

The Flick Anticimex Bacterial Treatment and Deep Clean eliminates odour causing bacteria.

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Flick Anticimex uses the best in innovative bacterial treatment when it comes to keeping your urinals and WC's in top condition. Avoid build-up of bad bacteria and the grimaces of customers and staff who try using your untreated washrooms. Let Flick Anticimex customise a service schedule that suits your urinal/WC and the people who use it regularly. We don't just cover the smells, but we use our bacterial treatment technology to target the source of the smell to continuously eradicate bad odours through regular maintenance. When used together with our sanitiser solution, it keeps toilets and urinals free from uric acid build up and unpleasant smells and bacteria.

Features and benefits of the Bacterial Treatment

  • Bacterial Treatments physically and chemically treat the urinal and WC with an intensive solution breaking up the build-up of uric acid and thoroughly flushing the pipe-works and the entire system of all bacteria and uric acid.
  • Ongoing preventative measures coat the urinal and WC with each flush.
  • Flick Anticimex Hygiene technicians thoroughly treat and clean the step around the urinal to eliminate bacteria build up in the mortar where smells harbour.
  • Customised tailor made service schedule and frequency methods control the ongoing build-up of uric acid and bacterial odour.
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