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In-Cubicle Servicing

As an industry leader and in line with Global Best Practice Standards, Flick has established an innovative In-Cubicle Sanitary Service method to benefit our clients and reduce environmental impacts.

For questions or interest in In-Cubicle Sanitary Servicing

Flick's innovative In Cubicle Service option allows our Hygiene Technicians to fully sanitise your Sanitary Units on-site, with all waste removed. 

Key Benefits of In-Cubicle Servicing

  • No need for sanitary units to be transported throughout your premises, offering a more discreet and efficient service
  • Ideal solution for high volume sites requiring a large number of units to be serviced
  • Fragranced Biodegradable Multi-liners provide the highest levels of efficacy both in terms of bacteria and virus kill plus odour control within the sanitary units

Reduced Environmental Impact / Carbon Footprint

  • There is virtually no water used in the process
  • Reduced need for large trucks/vans, saving on fuel
  • Reduced chemical usage
  • In-Cubicle Servicing is now estimated to reducing our carbon emission from 0.5kgs/bin to 0.25kgs/bin
  • Increased efficiency of services and run time

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