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Oxy-Gen Air Freshness System

Introducing the world’s first oxygen powered technology for air care, now at Flick Anticimex.

Want to know more about Oxy-Gen?

Considered the world’s most environmentally-friendly air freshener, the Oxy-Gen air freshening systems use medical-grade innovative to harness the oxygen in the room. The oxygen powered technology allows for consistent, long-lasting and pleasant fragrances to be distributed throughout the day without waning in intensity for 60 days.

Flick Anticimex offers two different models of the Oxy-gen air freshener: the Viva!E dispenser and the Shield dispenser.

Viva!E Air Freshness System

Viva!E dispensers come in a variety of colours and are perfect for the health, food or age care facilities. The Oxy-Gen dispenser works silently and continuously, releasing subtle and fresh scents.  The Viva!E dispenser also uses the latest in odour eliminating technology; using odour neutraliser molecules, Viva!E refills don’t just mask bad scents but eliminate smells, even the stubborn scent of tobacco, sweat, and body odour.

Oxy-Gen Viva!E: the next generation in air freshness

Shield Air Freshness System

Do you need an air freshener system like Viva!E but for areas with higher foot traffic and a vulnerability to vandals? For those in the education, public facility, retail, and transport industries, Shield is the air freshener best suited to your environment. In a compact design, the Shield dispenser is vandal and tamper-proof, with its stainless steel design and lockable feature. Deter vandals and prevent abuse of your air freshener system with Shield.

  • Designed for protection without compromising stylishness
  • Unique ventilation design ensuring maximum airflow
  • Smooth anti-grip contours

Oxy-Gen Shield: strong, stylish and secure stainless steel air freshening system

We offer a wide range of pleasant, top quality fragrances that range in intensity, from low intensity like Soothe, a warm fragrant mix of oudh, sandalwood and saffron, to high intensity like Pure, a crisp herbal fragrance combining pine, rosemary and tea tree.

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