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Automatic Air Fresheners

Our Air Freshener gives washrooms a pleasant tailored fragrance and eliminates bad odours.

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We provide digitally programmed dispensers containing fragrances and odour neutralisers customised to suit your needs and tailored to the size and use patterns of your washroom. Do not let your customers and staff suffer from having to smell the bad odours floating around your washroom. With a diverse range of scents that are released slowly during the day, employees and customers alike will be able to enjoy the subtle scents of your automatic air fresheners.

Automatic Air Fresheners

Never have to worry about the smell of your workplace with our Automatic Air Freshener range. Our automatic air freshener dispensers provide customers with a flexible and tailorable system that can suit all kinds of environments. All units are installed and programmed by our qualified technicians to meet your individual requirements and serviced at regular intervals.

Features and Benefits:

  • Customised spray settings with flexible programming options allowing costs to be fixed
  • Matching fragrance delivery with odour control to individual location conditions
  • Key locked dispenser to prevent theft of batteries and consumables.
  • Wide range of fragrances including Odour Neutralisers where persistent malodours occur

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Our flexible and fragrant air fresheners that don't just mask the smell

Air Freshener Refills

Our air freshener refills are designed to contain 3000 metered doses of fragranced malodour netraulisers, effective for room sizes up to 200m³. The refills work together with our Air Freshener dispensers to last all day as the fragrance is dispersed widely.

We provide a wide range of pleasant fragrances, which means there's bound to be one to suit your taste. Our formulated fragrances include:

  • COOL - A masculine fragrance with subtle notes of sandalwood and leather with a touch of citrus
  • MYSTIQUE - A perfume of rich oriental spices and woody notes
  • BABYFACE - A powdery, fresh fragrance
  • CITRUS TINGLE - A delicate burst of citrus fruits with a hint of vanilla
  • HERBAL FERN - A rich, natural scent of eucalyptus and tea-tree
  • EXOTIC GARDEN - A decadent bouquet of exotic flowers and herbs
  • MANGO MIST - A sweet, exotic blend of tropical fruits

They're perfect for washrooms, any areas with toilets, in care homes, reception areas, in gymnasiums or anywhere an odour combatting fragrance is needed.

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