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Lower health risks by santising your hands

Anti-Bacterial sprays effectively prevent infections and lower the risks associated with being exposed to harmful bacteria and cross contamination.

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Facilities shared among many people tend to be a hotbed of germs and cross infection. Our Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitiser Sprays provide a fast and simple way to lower threats and maintain hygienic environments. The importance of hand washing is not to be overlooked; unsanitised hands promote the spread of diseases and sicknesses, like the common cold. In addition, hands are harbourers for bad bacteria. Without hand sanitisation, your staff and customers are spreading the bacteria they bring from the washroom onto their food, mobile phones, faces and even onto your own hands.

Our Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitiser Sprays are perfect to be fixed onto walls in the kitchen or washroom areas. Many industries that benefit most from our hand sanitising units include medical centres, food production sites, offices, receptions areas and other high traffic locations where there is a high risk of cross contamination. 

Features and benefits of the Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitiser Spray

  • Resistant ABS plastic designed for reliability and durability.
  • 70% alcohol content as per World Health Organisation Standards.
  • Unit designed to prevent cross contamination.
  • Convenient Waterless solution mildly perfumed and ultra quick drying - no need for water, soap or hand towel. 
  • Offers up to 800 cleaning operations.

Flick Anticimex's Hand Sanitising Unit perfect to be mounted to walls in high people traffic locations

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