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Lower health risks by santising your hands

Anti-Bacterial sprays effectively prevent infections and lower the risks associated with being exposed to harmful bacteria and cross contamination.

Facilities shared between many people tend to be a hotbed of germs and cross infection.

Our Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitiser Sprays provide a fast and simple way to lower threats and maintain hygienic environments.

Features and benefits of the Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitiser Spray

  • Resistant ABS plastic designed for reliability and durability.
  • 70% alcohol content as per World Health Organisation Standards.
  • Unit designed to prevent cross contamination.

Convenient Waterless solution mildy perfumed and ultra quick drying - no need for water, soap or hand towel. Offers up till 800 cleaning operations.

Effectively preventing infections and lowering the risks associated with exposure to harmful bacteria, our Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitiser Sprays use 70 per cent alcohol based sanitiser, contained in a resistant ABS plastic sprayer. 

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