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Effective hand hygiene is a proven method of reducing sickness, absenteeism and loss of productivity.

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The most important step to take in preventing the spread of germs and in turn illnesses is hand washing. Good hand hygiene can help prevent serious infections from spreading, particularly for those working within a healthcare, aged care, and education settings.

We offer both automated and manual soap dispensers for your convenience. Our soap refills come in two forms: foam and liquid. Without compromise on quality, our soaps are able to combat harmful germs and micro-organisms on the hand, while still being safe for sensitive skin. With pH 5.5 formulas, our antibacterial hand soaps are safe to use by all your washroom visitors.

Auto Dispensers

Our automatic dispensers are designed for liquid or foam soap or sanitiser. The touch-free sensor helps minimise cross-contamination and maximise infection control. Soap or sanitiser is available as bulk fill or cartridge refills. Whether your budget and washroom suit our standard auto dispenser or our MVP auto dispenser, trust Flick Anticimex to handle the hand hygiene in your workplace.

Manual Dispensers

Our manual dispensers are perfect for every washroom or commercial application. Its simple, reliable and low maintenance system caters especially well to washrooms with large amounts of visitors. In either standard or premium design, you can choose a manual dispenser that suits your washroom and budget.

Soap or sanitiser is available as bulk fill or pouch refills and can hold up to 1L of liquid or foam soap or sanitiser at a time.

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