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Soap Service

Effective hand hygiene is a proven method of reducing sickness, absenteeism and loss of productivity.

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The use of soap and warm water after using washroom facilities is an effective and hygienic solution. Proper hand drying is essential to complete good hand hygiene practice. The most important step to take in preventing the spread of germs and in turn illnesses is hand washing. Good hand hygiene can help prevent serious infections from spreading, particularly for those working within a healthcare/aged care settings. In addition to our soap dispensers, we can also provide soaps in the form of either foam, spray or liquid.

Touch Free Soap Dispensers

Flick Anticimex offers lockable, tamper-resistant soap dispensers stylishly designed for reliability and durability.

We offer two different soap dispensers, including:

  • Betasan - a liquid and foam soap dispenser
  • Sanitex - a hands-free liquid soap dispenser

Features and Benefits of our Soap Dispensers:

  • Push dispense system providing greater reliability and tamper proof.
  • Easy to change pouch refill for quick and contamination free installation.
  • High quality pleasantly fragrant PH Balanced soaps - safe for sensitive skin.
  • A variety of soaps available to meet each individual requirement; Foam, Spray or Luxury Liquid Hand Soap or Anti-Bacterial soap.
  • Liquid offers 800 shots per refill; Foam offers 1,300 shots per refill.
  • Our qualified technicians perform weekly or monthly service runs to replace soap refills and install new soap dispensers.
Our soap dispensers offer liquid or foam options that encourages good hand hygiene practices

Safe and Dermatologically Tested Hand Soap

Flick Anticimex offers a range of pH balanced soap options in a variety of dispenser sizes and types to meet all needs, from liquid and foam perfumed options to no-nonsense anti-bacterial varieties with no added perfume.

We offer a range of various soap options covering foam and liquid. All our soap options are:

  • Safe for sensitive skin
  • Pleasantly fragranced or available in unscented form
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Ideal for frequent use

Our soap offerings ensure that harmful bacteria is removed from your hands while maintaining the pH balance of your skin. Provide maximum protection for your washroom users by choosing Flick Anticimex's soap options.

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