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Hand Towel Service

Flick Anticimex offers premium towel dispensers, and durable, reliable paper towels that also add sophistication to your washroom.

Need premium towel products and servicing?

Having durable and reliable towel dispensers is a very important part of any washroom. Flick Anticimex's exclusive series of dispensers are simple to use, durable and suit any modern washroom.

  • Touch Free Paper Towel Dispenser – with matching waste disposal bin
  • Slimline Lockable Hand Towel Dispenser – plastic and stainless steel models

Paper Towel Dispensers

Studies have shown that paper towels are more effective and hygienic in drying hands compared to some hand dryers. The spread of bacteria was reduced up to 77% when drying hands with paper towels. Our electronic paper towel dispensers ensure that users are given the correct amount of paper towel to finish their hand hygiene routine. We provide three different dispensers, including:

  • Manual Feed Paper Towel Dispenser;
  • Interfold Paper Towel Dispenser; and
  • Autotowel Paper Towel Dispenser.

For more information, feel free to download our Electronic Paper Towel Dispenser product card

Wall Mounted Waste Paper Bin

Ensure your washroom users have access to paper bins with our wall mounted waste paper bin product. With a sleek, white design, our waste paper bins look and feel like a premium waste bin. They are able to fit in small spaces as they are wall mountable, which means easy cleaning in and around the unit. 

For more information, feel free to download our Waste Paper Bin product card.

Hand Towels

Observing good hand hygiene is necessary in order to lower the risk and spread of illnesses and to also boost productivity at work. Paper towels are essential in busy washrooms that experience high traffic since they are quick and easy to use. Paper towels are widely regarded as the most hygienic and cost effective hand drying system.

Our soft, absorbent, high capacity towel options provide a quick and pleasant hand drying experience. Safe for sensitive skin and surfaces, our hand towels are also great for reducing waste due to the controlled dispensing of our paper towel dispensers. We offer three types of hand towels:

  • White multipurpose 2 ply embossed paper
  • Blue food industry 2 ply paper
  • Blue 3 ply paper with industrial grade strength and absorbency
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