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Hand Sanitiser Spray

Anti-Bacterial sprays effectively prevent infections and lower the risks associated with being exposed to harmful bacteria and cross contamination.

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Facilities shared among many people tend to be a hotbed of germs and cross infection. Without hand sanitisation, your staff and customers are spreading the bacteria they bring from the washroom onto their food, mobile phones, faces and even onto your own hands.

The Autosanitiser Spray Station is the easy way to minimise cross infection in any area without the use of soap or water. Washing your hands with soap and drying your hands with a paper towel still produces the most hygienic results, however, soap and paper cannot be installed everywhere. The Autosanitiser is available either as a wall mounted or free standing unit.

The touch-free sensor provides each user with either one, two or three doses of antibacterial spray that kills 99.9% of common germs. Refills are available in alcohol or alcohol free options. The Autosanitiser is ideal for entry and exit points especially in reception areas of any type of facility.

Hand Sanitiser Sprays protect your workplace from harmful bacteria and germs
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