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Waste Bins

Ensure the waste in your washroom is easy to remove and replace with our wastecare bins and complementary liners

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Let’s face it, waste is found everywhere. Our waste care solutions are suitable for all areas of your premises, including the kitchen, offices, hallways and reception areas. The sleek and compact design of the bins present a smart sophisticated look and will complement any office design.

Wastecare Bin

The Wastecare Bin houses a roll of 25 replacement fragranced liners, known as multiliners, within the unit. The specially designed multiliner removal and replacement system ensures quick and easy servicing. The bin is wall mounted for easy cleaning under and around the unit and features a chemical resistant chute which is removable for cleaning. The design of the chute, with its compact aperture, influences the reduction of waste by encouraging users to ball used towels to fit. This means bins don’t overflow and the liners last longer. The bin is a perfect partner to the Autotowel paper towel dispenser.


Our Multiliner waste bin liners are made with the biodegradable additive, our rolled liners (when decomposing) are non-toxic to sensitive plant or animal life. These popular bin liners come in convenient 25 liner rolls with six rolls per carton. Specially designed for our Wastecare Bins.

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