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Waste Bin Liners

Ensure the waste in your washroom is easy to remove and replace with our range of liners and garbage bags

Need more information on our waste liner product range?

Flick Anticimex offers strong/durable liners designed for use in Wastecare and Femcare Bins but also suit a range of commonly used bins such as kitchen cans, pedal bins, and office wastebaskets. Suitable for both commercial and domestic environments.

We provide a range of bin liners that have a soft finish and are delicately fragranced with lavender odour neutraliser to counteract and mask unpleasant odours.

We also offer Multiliners, the liners with biodegradable additive TDPA® (Total Degradable Plastic Additive). TDPA® is sensitive to the exposure of raised temperatures, ultraviolet rays, and technical stress which prompts modified plastic to degrade quickly in a decomposable environment (such as landfill, compost, water or soil). TDPA® has non-toxic to sensitive plant or animal life. Multiliners are nonabsorbent and non-permeable.

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