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Sanitary Units

Don’t let the freshness and image of your brand go down the toilet due to a lack of proper sanitary unit maintenance.

Do you have questions about our feminine hygiene solutions?

Our sanitary disposal service combines strict hygiene standards with discretion, comfort, and ease of use to meet your individual requirements. We offer a number of automatic and manual disposal units, which are backed by our two maintenance options:

  1. Our Innovative In Cubicle Service is perfect for businesses who desire discreet and professional on-site disposal that benefits you and the environment. The Innovative In Cubicle Service was designed to remove waste, clean the sanitary units on site, and properly dispose of the waste, all according to Australia’s top sanitation standards.
  2. General Disposal Service removes and replaces used units with already sanitised units, on the spot.

Sanitary Units

We offer two sanitary units: our heavy-duty, thermoplastic manual unit, which is perfect for use in public places and washrooms with high foot traffic. This unit is fitted with a heavy-duty biodegradable anti-bacterial liner making it perfect for effective and hygienic control of sanitary/nappy waste.

Our second sanitary unit is our premium option: the Femcare unit in either manual or auto sensor. This 18L unit is professionally serviced and sanitised to reduce the spread of bacteria. Femcare uses a double-lined system for extra protection and a removable chute for easy cleaning. The touch-free sensor operated lid on the Femcare Auto ensures the user never has to touch the unit.

Trust Flick Anticimex's Sanitary Unit service to keep your washroom clean
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