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Nappy Disposal Service

Flick Anticimex's nappy disposal service gives parents and businesses a reliable, safe and hygienic nappy disposal method that is also environmentally friendly and affordable.

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Parents have enough to worry about, without having to worry about how they'll dispose of their children's nappies. Flick Anticimex provides a safe and hygiene nappy disposal service. The concealed nappy disposal unit keeps the odour and bacteria in, as it has a heavy-duty biodegradable anti-bacterial liner.

Our heavy duty thermoplastic nappy disposal units are an effective and hygienic way to control waste. Our nappy disposal units are thoroughly sanitised and cleaned at our depot by our trained personnel using Environmentally Friendly Sanitising fluid, Antibacterial Wipes, Granules and Scented bags as a final freshness sealant.

Our sanitary units give parents peace of mind when changing their babies
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