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In Cubicle Servicing

As an industry leader and in line with Global Best Practice Standards, Flick Anticimex has established an innovative In Cubicle Sanitary Service method to benefit our clients and reduce environmental impacts.

Interested in our In-Cubicle Sanitary Servicing?

Flick Anticimex has established an innovative In-Cubicle Sanitary Service method that both benefits you and the environment, as we reduce our environmental impact. This In Cubicle Service option allows our hygiene technicians to fully sanitise your sanitary units on-site, using environmentally friendly sanitising fluid, antibacterial wipes, granules and scented bags. Our service technicians are properly trained and equipped to handle the removal and cleaning process of your sanitary units. We clean our sanitary units according to the top sanitation standards. Once the sanitation process is complete, the contents of the unit are discreetly removed from the site in a waste transfer unit. We ensure that all the waste from your sanitary units is disposed of according to local council requirements, and the EPA and trade waste standards.

You can rest assured that every time your cubicle is serviced, the units are removed and returned discreetly and hygienically. 

Key Benefits of In Cubicle Servicing

  • No need for sanitary units to be transported throughout your premises, offering a more discreet and efficient service.
  • Ideal solution for high volume sites requiring a large number of units to be serviced.
  • Fragranced biodegradable multi-liners provide the highest levels of efficacy both in terms of bacteria and virus kill plus odour control within the sanitary units.

Reduced Environmental Impact/Carbon Footprint

  • There is virtually no water used in the process;
  • Reduced need for large trucks/vans, saving on fuel;
  • Reduced chemical usage;
  • In-Cubicle Servicing is now estimated to reducing our carbon emission from 0.5kgs/bin to 0.25kgs/bin; and
  • Increased efficiency of services and runtime.
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