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Sanitary Disposal Services

Your premium feminine hygiene unit and nappy disposal provider

We know your needs when it comes to washroom disposal services. You want minimal smell and exposure while having maximum discretion and cleanliness when handling the sanitary bins. Flick Anticimex can provide discreet and premium disposal solutions for you, whether it is for your feminine hygiene needs or nappy disposal needs. Flick Anticimex provides two key disposal bins:

Nappy Disposal Units

There is no need to worry about your nappy units with the help of Flick Anticimex. We provide discreet and hygienic nappy units with premium nappy unit servicing that ensures your customer is satisfied and the smell of your washroom remains fresh. Our nappy units are thoroughly sanitised on site by our trained personnel using Environmentally Friendly Sanitising fluid, Antibacterial Wipes, Granules and Scented bags as a final freshness sealant.

Sanitary Units

Sanitary unit laws in Australia dictate that all employers must properly equip all available cubicles with a sanitary unit. Under the Workplace Health and Safety Amendment Regulation (No. 3) 2004, in workplaces with female workers, the necessary female sanitary disposal facilities must be in all available cubicles. Flick Anticimex provides stylish sanitary disposal units that comply with the legislation set in place by the Australian government to protect all washroom and cubicle users. We also provide In Cubicle Sanitation Service methods to clean your sanitary units with the same method used for our nappy disposal bins.

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We can also service your sanitary units

As an industry leader and in line with Global Best Practice Standards, Flick Anticimex has established an innovative In Cubicle Sanitary Service method to benefit our clients and reduce environmental impacts. We can provide In Cubicle Sanitary Services tailored to the foot traffic in your washroom. Whether it be on a weekly or bi weekly basis, we can service your cubicles according to your needs. For more information on our In Cubicle Sanitary Service, find our In Cubicle Servicing page.

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