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Commercial Pest Control

Finally, a pest control company that gets rid of pests… and your anxiety.

Pest problems are stressful to deal with. Creepy crawlies not only make your skin crawl but can also destroy the reputation of your business. It's difficult to know what to do as the right solution can vary according to your particular situation and type of business.  Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all solution

Here at Flick Anticimex, we take wide ranging factors into consideration, including the types of risks businesses face when analysing pest problems. Our solutions are tailored around Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principles, recognized all over the world, which enables us to tailor a solution which will provide the desired results, while addressing the causes. 

We also consider your immediate environment and the larger environment in general when developing the action plan to resolving your problem. 

Why work with Flick Anticimex?

Full service

We offer the whole suite of pest-related products and services. Whether you are in need of a dependable maintenance service, speedy emergency response, training in pest awareness or an intensive inspection by qualified experts, we've got what you need.

Discretion and flexibility

We are well aware that nobody wants the world to know they have a pest infestation. We act fast, answer urgent calls quickly and protect your privacy.

Peace of mind

You can finally stop worrying about your pest problems. We have in depth knowledge and extensive experience in all aspects of pest control regulations, legislation and necessary documentation.

Top-class solutions

We offer tried and tested pest control technologies and solutions that have a proven track record. All our pest control methods have been developed with the safety of your people and workplace as a priority.

Integrated Pest Management for your protection

We've been eradicating pests in all types of commercial and residential properties for decades and we're well-placed to identify weaknesses in building design that may render the premise vulnerable to pest infestation by foraging pests which can enter the property via gaps, penetrations, etc. We analyse the ways your building can be compromised by pest ingress and provide advice for eliminating or reducing the risk of this possibility.

Our Integrated Pest Control Services include:

  • Rodents, cockroaches, spiders, ants & fleas
  • Permanent Rodent monitoring program - SMART
  • Timber pest management (termites, borers & fungal decay)
  • Bed bug control programs
  • Bird control (netting, deterrents & trapping)
  • Vector management (mosquitoes & biting midges)
  • Stored Product Control (food production & warehousing)
  • Fumigation and fixed control systems
  • Entomological reports and auditing
  • Bee and wasp nest control
  • Possum and rabbit control
  • Feral cat control
  • Garden pests
  • Weed Control

Flick Training

Flick Anticimex is AEPMA Certified. Our technicians are fully trained and qualified.   

  • Flick technicians are required to attend pest industry based courses which are arranged by Flick and which are usually conducted in house by industry and product representatives. External pest industry based courses and seminars are also attended by Flick technicians. 
  • All Flick technicians attend internal company training courses which are provided by the company and conducted by the Flick Technical Team.
  • It is mandatory for all Flick technicians to enrol on the Flick Training Portal and complete all training modules & assessments allocated to them over a given period each year. The training modules are structured around specific pest habits, lifecycle and taxonomy, along with the various eradication and management methodologies and descriptions.
  • Additional training is also received by technicians in the form of monthly Toolbox Talks.
  • Flick also have in place a dedicated training program for trainee technicians which involves completing all training modules successfully, along with in-field practical training under direct supervision of experienced, qualified pest control technicians.
  • All training activity is documented and recorded, both at individual and branch levels.

Pest control is a long-term commitment, and maintenance must be carried out regularly to stop smaller infestations from escalating into full-blown infestations

Pests can thrive in any environment where there is water, food and warmth. Thorough knowledge of the conditions in which they thrive and the way they behave is vital.

We are serious about offering friendly, dependable and prompt service, and as such, offer Australian businesses the highest level of pest control available.

Call 13 14 40 to make an appointment for a site visit and analysis of your business with a member of our expert team, or submit the contact us form and we will call you!

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