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Paper Products

We offer numerous sustainable paper product options to suit any of your needs

Need more information on our paper products?

All of Flick Anticimex's paper products and toilet tissues are of high quality. We offer an affordable, environmentally-friendly range made of virgin pulp, including:

  • Toilet Tissue – 1ply and 2ply quality with 400 sheets per individually wrapped roll.
  • Hand Towels – slimline and various universal options.
  • Facial Tissue – soft and gentle 2ply with 100 / 200 sheets per box.

Our premium paper products are also eligible for direct delivery to your location.

Toilet paper:

Flick Anticimex offers a wide selection of affordable and environmentally-friendly virgin pulp paper products including:

  • Jumbo Roll:
    • High capacity system holds equivalent of 7+ conventional toilet rolls, leading to less refilling and reduced risk of run-out
    • Unique reserve roll feature ensures that stub rolls are completely used, reducing wastage.
    • Part of the award-winning fully-coordinated Flick washroom dispenser range.
    • Unique reserve roll feature available which ensures that stub rolls are completely used, reducing wastage.
  • Folded:
    • Medium capacity compact system ideal for small to medium washrooms.
    • Single sheet dispensing provides portion control and reduces consumption.
    • Portion control for cost-effective service.
  • Mini Jumbo Roll:
    • High capacity with stub roil that reduces the risk of running out.
    • Great for compact areas requiring a large capacity.
    • Portion control reduces consumption and makes service more cost-effective
  • Conventional Roll:
    • Dual and triple roll holders provides immediate backup supply
    • Ideal for low to medium usage 
    • Slim design for compact spaces

Hand towels:

Observing good hand hygiene is necessary in order to lower the risk and spread of illnesses and to also boost productivity at work. Paper towels are essential in busy washrooms that experience high traffic since they are quick and easy to use. Paper towels are widely regarded as the most hygenic and cost effective hand drying system.

Our soft, absorbant, high capacity towel options provide a quick and pleasant hand drying experience. Safe for sensitive skin and surfaces, our hand towels are also great for reduing waste due to the controlled dispensing of our paper towel dispensers. We offer three types of hand towels:

  • White multipurpose 2 ply embossed paper
  • Blue food industry 2 ply paper
  • Blue 3 ply paper with industrial grade strength and absorbency

For more information, feel free to visit our Paper Product Dispenser page.

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