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Air Freshener Refills

Keep your work environment smelling fresh everyday with Flick Anticimex's air freshener refills

Are you in need of a fresh smelling work environment?

Our air freshener refills are designed to contain 3000 metered doses of fragranced malodour netraulisers, effective for room sizes up to 200m³. The refills work together with our Air Freshener dispensers to last all day as the grafrance is dispersed widely.

We provide a wide range of pleasant fragrances, which means there's bound to be one to suit your taste. Our formulated fragrances include:

  • COOL - A masculine fragrance with subtle notes of sandalwood and leather with a touch of citrus
  • MYSTIQUE - A perfume of rich oriental spices and woody notes
  • BABYFACE - A powdery, fresh fragrance
  • CITRUS TINGLE - A delicate burst of citrus fruits with a hint of vanilla
  • HERBAL FERN - A rich, natural scent of eucalyptus and tea-tree
  • EXOTIC GARDEN - A decadent bouquet of exotic flowers and herbs
  • MANGO MIST - A sweet, exotic blend of tropical fruits

They're perfect for washrooms, any areas with toilets, in care homes, reception areas, in gymnasiums or anywhere fragrance is needed. 

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