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Fumigation Services

We recognise that services need to be delivered in a manner which is tailored to suit the individual requirements of each of our clients.

Do you have questions about our fumigation service?

Flick Anticimex is accredited by the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (DAWR) to carry out import/export and bulk fumigation services, as well as being ISPM15 certified. Flick Anticimex has been fumigating full containers, loose cargo holds, ships, grain silos, grain tarps and bulk bunkers for Aussie businesses for decades. We also provide export fumigation to prepare for grain exports to Asian nations like Indonesia, India, and Pakistan.

Our fumigation process is undertaken with the use of new-generation products that require minimal exposure time. This means you can move export/import contents quickly with peace of mind that your exports will surely be cleared for shipping. For special cases, we can provide fumigation services using CO² which complies with organic and pesticide-free restrictions without sacrificing effectiveness of the treatment.

Flick Anticimex fumigation services also comply with regulatory bodies including DAWR Onshore Fumigation Scheme, WorkCover, EPA, Environment Australia (acting under the Montreal Protocol) and IPPC Audit Authority (acting on behalf of DAWR). Our accreditations allow us to verify your commodities suitability for fumigation. We also carry out our own fumigant gas monitoring, allowing freedom and flexibility to fumigate your facility when required.

Choosing Flick Anticimex for your fumigation needs means...

  • constantly and meticulously monitored fumigation treatments, ensuring gas levels are evenly distributed throughout the import/export contents at monitoring point;
  • upon completion, you will be issued with a fumigation certificate, export certificate, and a clearance certificate;
  • the treatment will be conducted by licensed and certified pest technicians who undergo the relevant training and work according to Work Health Safety Act (2011), Dangerous Goods Act (1985), and Storage and Handling of Dangerous Goods Act (2005).

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