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Envirosol Technology is an automated pest management solution for the commercial sector.

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Envirosol uses liquid carbon dioxide under high pressure to propel the pesticide active ingredients in aerosol form in enclosed spaces such as warehouses and dry good stores that have a requirement to control crawling and flying insects, such as spiders, moths, cockroaches and stored product pests.

The automated operation saves time and money and allows the pest control application to take place outside of operating hours.This provides great occupational health and safety benefits, reduces high labour costs and prevents human error.

During the application, the Envirosol system dispenses the active ingredient using fixed nozzles mounted on the roof line of the area being treated. 

When the product is dispensed and the liquid carbon dioxide is released, it immediately vaporises leaving very small droplets of active ingredients suspended in the air. Tests have shown that the diameter of these droplets is in the range of 2 to 20 microns and it is this droplet size that gives Envirosol systems their advantage over other dispensing methods.

The Envirosol system is fail-safe ensuring the absolute safety of your staff while delivering maximum results.

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