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What's the link?!

What do Freshly Brewed Peruvian Single origin coffee, Washrooms, and Pest Control have in common? Read our blog to find out!

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How to remove a tick!

Was there ever a topic in pests that was so controversial? Do you paint it off, do you peel it off? Do you take a flame and burn it off risking skin, clothes and all other flammable items within arm’s reach?

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Is it Poisonous?

You've found a pest, how do you know if it will poison you? Read our Blog to find out!

3 Signs of bed bugs!

3 Signs of Bed Bugs people can miss!

Most people won't develop symptoms top a bed bug bite, so how do you know if you have them?

How to remove a wasp from your home!

How to remove a wasp from your home!

Don’t fancy picking a fight with a wasp that’s decided to come into your house? Read our tip to get this angry visitor to leave without a commotion!

How to choose the right pest control

Pest Spotlight: European Wasps!

Did you know when attacked, European wasps release chemicals to alert other wasps? Find out more about these angry buzzers!

Pest Control Tips to prepare your home for Spring

Bugs in the BBQ

What’s more Australian than having a BBQ ? Maybe opening your BBQ and finding Spiders and Ants inside! 

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