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Our pest controllers know how pests behave and how best to avoid them.

Are you looking for an expert pest controller?

Protecting homes from pests for 100+ years!

Whether you’re looking for an expert in ant control, cockroach control, bees removal, or spider control; we will provide you with tailored advice depending on the pest problem, the environment and your home. We identify the pest, propose efficient, sustainable methods, and provide tips on pest prevention. Our pest controllers are fully accredited and trained to meet national and international standards through our registered training organisation (RTO). Flick Anticimex’s integrated Quality Management System is accredited to ISE 9001:2008.

Our pest controllers are also trained termite professionals who provide specialised Termite Management Solutions. We treat both houses ravaged by termites and homes vulnerable to termite attacks; we guarantee that our pest controllers are with you right from the start.

We guarantee that our pest controllers are true experts in the field as they work across Australia for residential and commercial customers. A local Flick Anticimex pest controller is only a phone call or email away.

Our pest controllers are trained to international standards

We work to help your environment be best in your industry!

Flick Anticimex works together with commercial customers to create a welcoming environment and a stellar reputation. The relationships with our customers are built on the confidence that when Flick Anticimex provides you with a tailor pest control and/or washroom hygiene management proposal, it will be:

  • up to HACCP accredited pest management standards;
  • protective of company assets;
  • a service that exceeds Occupational Health & Safety requirements;
  • improvement-driven, as we provide customer staff training and a continual feedback process;
  • seen as a partnership in terms of account management; and
  • the best value for money.

At Flick Anticimex, we aim to uphold a strong account management philosophy, so you are always up-to-date. We use the web reporting system to gives you a simple and professional overview of the current state of your business. It allows users to access their current monitoring status for pest control from anywhere, anytime.

Our pest controllers are trained to international standards

SMART - digital permanent pest monitoring

For our environmentally conscious customers, we present our best in digital pest control technology. Our unique SMART concept fights rodents effectively and sustainably while being completely free of toxins. This allows you to better protect your business and your staff, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - an almost complete monitoring of mice and rats.

Read more about our SMART digital solution on our SMART page.

What our customers had to say:

“The technician who visited, Marc O'Donnell, who was active, professional, knowledgeable and experienced.”

Matthew Ford, Crookwell NSW

"The vehicle had problems so the service started late. Andrew was extremely courteous and kept me fully informed. Another technician also helped to ensure the job was completed in less time. The best thing was that we have only had dead pests appear.”

Anne-Marie Murray, Tuart Hill WA

"We had our routine pest control completed last week by Gregory Edwards and I would like to commend him on his professionalism and attitude. He was polite, friendly and went above and beyond to ensure our treatment was up to standard. What a lovely man."

Logan Community Care Unit - QLD Health, Logan Central QLD

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