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Capabilities and Quality Management

Flick Anticimex is one of Australia’s leading pest management and hygiene companies, and provides services to the majority of Australia's major commercial facilities.

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Flick Anticimex is regarded as one of Australia’s leading pest control and hygiene services providers. With over a century of experience, our 36 branches and depots nationally have serviced more than 1.2 million customers. 

Offering tailor-made solutions within all major market sectors including; food manufacturing, retail industry, commercial property management, warehouse / industrial, logistics, hospitals, aged care, education, government, defence establishments, the mining industry, telecommunications, financial institutions and the aviation and maritime sectors. Flick Anticimex is supported by the largest network of pest control operators providing a superior localised level of service to meet individual client needs.

We provide initial support and assessing each site individually, defining client needs and designing a tailor-made pest management solution. Flick Anticimex fully manages the installation of all equipment and regularly monitor effectiveness with the dual aim of creating and sustaining a pest-free environment.

Quality Management

Flick Anticimex is certified nationally for washroom HACCP requirements, while certain branches are certified for pest HACCP requirements. The company guidelines for operations are strictly enforced to ensure that all government regulations and licensing controls are adhered to. Flick Anticimex Qualified Service Technicians are fully trained to Flick’s unique pest control standards, each of which exceeds all industry guidelines.

Our selected pest and washroom Quality & Environmental Management System are certified to ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015 which is the platform for our business systems processes/procedures. Our branches are periodically audited on a sample basis by an independent body to ensure that we conform to our own requirements that are consistent with the ISO9001 & ISO14001 standards. This distinction is a reflection of our commitment to the highest standards of service and professionalism and allows our customers to have confidence in the services that we provide.

Flick Safety Framework sets required standards for management of HSE in accordance with Australian and New Zealand legislation and at a minimum requirement to AS 4801. The Safety Framework provides  HSE  guidance and tools to ensure the risks associated with  Flick Anticimex Australia and NZ operations are reduced to a safe and environmentally acceptable level.

Published: 22-04-2016

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